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My name is Melanie Bennett and I am CEO of The Cake Pop Shop! I create cake pops for clients in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. My business has definitely kept me busy this past year and a half and I love it.

My Website

I guess the main challenge in the catering industry and most small businesses is getting the word out there, to the audience that you want. I feel like Wix is a huge part of my catering business. Even when I’m sleeping, my Wix website is being seen and working for me, advertising my business all around the world.

How Wix helped my business

I think that having great customer service is number one priority. I strive to communicate and deliver my products with consistency, value, custom needs and, of course, great tasting cakes!  Because of my Wix website, my catering business grew exponentially within a short time. 

While I am constantly updating and learning how to use Wix, I enjoy it’s benefits. Potential customers and clients are able to check out the website first and what my business is all about online, from the comfort of their own home! Plus, it’s easy to find my website in popular search engines as well, potentially reaching thousands of people. Something I wouldn’t be able to do without a website.

Using Wix helps me communicate with clients via the contact forms and through emails to set up details of their orders, deadlines, dates, etc. Common questions clients may have are also answered on my wix website as well.





My Website

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Melanie Bennett's website - Wix Stories

My Website

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