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I started my business because I was able to change my life with fresh, raw juice, and a raw vegan plant based diet. I wanted to raise awareness… By using Wix to build my website, I got a hot site at a great price that lets you easily stay in control of changes and edits. Would you believe I got an estimate for $30,000 to do my web site? INSANE! The most reasonable proposal was $6000 – still too much for a new small business. I knew the website would constantly need updates and changing, so I realized the prices were the minimum price, and still too high. Wix enables me to keep control over the site, changes and updates while looking professional and clean. And it’s fun!

How Wix helped my business

There isn’t any place in my area to get real juice and quick raw food, and I wanted to make a hip, friendly and social place for others to learn about the power of a plant based diet. It is quickly growing, as we have yoga studios and markets that buy our juice, and we are expanding into home delivery in the next 30 days. The main challenge in my industry is production and education about our products and a plant based diet.

Wix has lots of great apps that streamline our events, for example, which is a big part of getting the word out. The online ordering has been very helpful, too. Bottom line is, Wix made it possible for me to build a cost effective web-site that looks great, professional, hip and current!


I do have a background in graphic design, so Wix was very easy for me to understand and grasp quickly. I have a ball with it and find myself tinkering for hours… that’s the downside! I get many compliments on my website and it positions me as very professional and serious. I think after we launch home delivery we will see a huge jump in traffic and business.

My Website

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Amy Waldman's website - Wix Stories

My Website

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