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Divina Production is a society of audiovisual content production. We work on a variety of projects, from musical clips to short movies, web projects, new media and transmedia – our biggest current project being Cannes 66.

At Divina Production we are basically, neither web designers or graphic designers but we like to be into everything and Wix is an excellent tool to learn quickly and independently while on the move.

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Wix enabled us to manage our project by ourselves, from the moment we got the idea to its visual and digital realization.


The scope of possibilities that the Wix’ HTML5 tool offers is infinite. They enable us to create our website from scratch for every project, to imagine a structure that fits our project, and to re-think the ergonomics. The drag & drop system is probably the more useful tool of Wix because it’s very easy to use!

We will continue to create web projects and transmedia using Wix because it can be useful on the one hand to create web platforms for movies projects (short or length films) and on the other hand for more global and specific web experiences such as Cannes 66.

Our goal is to converge contents, and to make them resonate within a digital scale project. The multiple media screens and the use of smartphones and tablets require us to think in a different way about Web and video content.


How Wix helped my business

Wix enabled us to give good exposure to our content through good visibility on top of allowing us to create a great and professional design without a big investment (only time and learning).  Wix provided us with easy placement of video content where we wanted and when we wanted it.

Our top 3 tips for someone just starting out would be: Believe in your ideas. Work on them until you achieve them. Don’t give up when faced with obstacles.

My Website

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Raphael Chicha & Olivier Leclerrt's website - Wix Stories

My Website

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The Original Template used to create Raphael Chicha & Olivier Leclerrt's website - Wix Stories

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