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MONO FILMS is a company based in Bogotá, Colombia, that produces multimedia content for NGOs, humanitarian organizations, foundations and so on. We now talk a lot about multimedia since the internet allows so much freedom in terms of combining video with photography and sound recording, and use the web as a platform to broadcast. We also manage a second activity which focuses on executive production for European and North American filmmakers to whom we offer the incredible richness of Colombia in terms of location, ethnic diversity, skilled crew, top-notch equipment and, competitive prices.

Both founders, Pablo and Shingo, are French (Pablo is Franco-British and Shingo is Franco-Japanese) and very passionate about telling stories. Pablo was a producer in New York for about 5 years after graduating from the École Supérieur de Réalisation Audiovisuelle de Rennes. Shingo was a freelance documentary photographer and movie editor in Bogotá, after studying in the Toulouse Graduate Business School and the International Center of Photography (NYC). We met in New York in 2011, and decided to launch a company that would be a complementary combination of our skills and experience.

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Wix allowed us to very quickly set up a totally customized website. We have very little knowledge of HTML and CSS, so we couldn’t manage the creation of a website from scratch, with all the coding and programming that would envolve. We know about design and visual identity. We also had a very clear idea of how to convey a straightforward, clean, neat, efficient, disciplined and modern image forour company, not having to contract a designer and a webmaster. So the problems that we solved with Wix were time, money and perfection in the result.


The most enjoyable part of using Wix was definitely the drag’n’drop combined with a few keyboard shortcuts that made the design of the website very similar to using editing softwares like Final Cut or Photoshop. Then “save”, “publish”, and you have the result right away. Fully customizable, simple and fast.

Before using Wix, MONO FILMS did not have a website. We did not “”exist””, the company was new, and we needed very quickly to make sure that our clients could see samples of our work. We grew in the sense that since we created an online presence, it has helped us to promote our work, getting feedback, getting directors curious about filming in Colombia, interesting producers in spending some time here and offer our services to their own clients. A website is a necessary “front-shop”, and even more in the movie industry – nowadays everything is available in just a click…


Since everything is available on the internet, the competition in our industry is fierce. All the production companies have very nice animated Java or Flash websites, with beautiful full HD demo-reels… It is an industry in which appearance is very important. Your company has to look good, and the service you provide has to be absolutely perfect. That is the image we wanted to communicate through the website. And we believe we did a pretty good job creating a very minimalist and easy to navigate website. There is no scrolling, little text right to the core, nice sample videos, a profile of the founders and so on. You browse the website and you understand quickly that MONO FILMS is not about long explanation, it is about doing things well, there is no waste.

In MONO FILMS, on paper, we cover all the needs that a director would expect from a production company to have. In practice, we actually surprise everyone with our energy. When we shoot for NGOs, sometimes in extreme conditions, we totally adapt to the environment, we actually connect with the people. We love working here in Colombia because it is a country that has evolved a lot during the past years, and we both feel that now is a decisive time. So we really believe that by producing videos for NGOs and international organization we contribute to their good work, thus we participate in the transformation of the country. In some ways we communicate a different image of Colombia, far away from the Escobar years and the conflict.

The added value we got by using Wix is the flexibility that we get by being our own designers. The image we show is something that comes from us, from a strategy we determined ourselves and then directly applied in the design of the website.

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Pablo Tourrenc & Shingo Urier's website - Wix Stories

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