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My name is Jonathan Taylor, I am 38 years old. My wife is Anne Goldmann, she is 40. We own a European-style cabaret and circus tent that seats 52 happy people. Our website features our tent and friends who perform in it. We are based out of Sonoma, CA.

I have been performing professionally in theater and circus since 1998. I was a Blue Man in Blue Man Group for 7 years, a clown in Ringling Bros Circus and a street performer in the streets of Europe for many years. I am most proud though of running and performing a theater company that I created with my wife Anne Goldmann. Since 2010 our company Le Tigre Tent has been touring shows throughout America and New Zealand. Our company is made up of vaudevillians, musicians, artists and clowns. Our friend Amanda Palmer (musician) describes us as an “indie circus”. No animals, just an up close intimate performance in a tiny venue.

My Website

I first made simple, functional websites for our shows learning HTML and CSS. I always felt my ideas were held back because I wasn’t a trained graphic designer and I didn’t know how to implement them. I had talked with designers before, but either couldn’t pay them their worth or knew they wouldn’t care as much about the little details like I would. So I was in this weird website limbo like most of my friends are who were trying to make their own websites. I could make a website but not the one I wanted. Then I found!

The HTML 5 editor is amazing. It is so intuitive and simple to use. I can focus on the design of my site without trying to make hacked JavaScript slideshows to work. I love that I can start with a template of fonts, colors and a layout, then easily add my own ideas on top of it. In the end I don’t see the template but I see my content looking beautiful. I have always battled with more advanced elements like slideshows. Wix is the best I’ve seen with the most diversity.


Instead of me spending weeks creating a sandbox to design my site trying to write CSS and HTML code, I can focus on my design with my content in a really slick sandbox with many tools to choose from. It’s like starting a road trip with a brand new Cadillac instead of a used Honda. Also, if there is something I want that Wix doesn’t offer I can just add it with the iFrame/Embed app.


As soon as I posted my site on Facebook, I had friends wanting to know who designed and built it. It felt great to say I did! I have only received positive feedback for my site. Everyone is impressed and, most importantly for our business, the content shines. The biggest challenge to create an online presence in the performing arts is to present your content clearly but to also express your art at the same time. If a theater website is boring and unoriginal that can look negatively on your creative work. Some websites go too far and they are confusing, losing sight of easy navigation and clear presentation. helped me express my art and content all the while keeping it organized and functional.

My Website

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My Website

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