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I run a date planning service called A Date By Kate. My website is the first place that people turn to to find out what my service is all about!

When I was initially looking into building a site, I specifically sought out something that was easy to use and gave me creative control of the template, without having to pay a designer to play with the coding. I love Wix’s drag and drop functions; you can move things around freely, and add buttons or animations with ease. I also appreciate that the mobile editor is super simple to use as well!

My Website

My favorite part of my website is the testimonials page where people can read what A Date By Kate has to offer directly from the people who benefited from my service. I also included a questionnaire on my site to get to know my potential clients better, a lovely addition through the app store.

About our business

I plan dates for couples who want to spice things up from the typical dinner and a movie. The idea for my company came by chance; a friend of mine was getting married, and she suggested that rather than buy her a gift, I put my creativity to good use and plan a date for her and her husband. The next time I saw that couple, their enthusiasm was through the roof! They urged me to make this a real service, and the next day I launched a Wix website.

The minute I launched my website, I had random inquiries coming in. People thought it was a neat idea. Since then, I’ve been getting quite a few inquiries for wedding gifts and special occasions like anniversaries.

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My Website

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