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My name is Julie Catona, and I’m the owner & chef of Bone Zappetit, an online all Organic SuperFood Dog Treat Company in West Palm Beach, Florida.

After graduating culinary school, I knew I wanted to be an innovator within the “Dog Treat” market- to create a product that was healthy for my consumers’ tummy & wallet. I knew that if I were to become a successful business online, I would have to have a website that was more than stellar… and have it quickly.

My Website

After finding, and browsing through what I call their “inspiration board”- I was immediately convinced that I could create my own website through Wix. Wix’ platform was so easy to get started on, with a “plug & play” interface, I was able to really express my creativity and get exactly what I wanted into my site.

The thought of maintaining a website would have been impossible if not for Wix’s amazing “one click” updates & fantastic eCommerce. I can now update my social media, get feedback from costumers, offer coupons and deals among so many other features that has made my business into a success.

Wix is always ahead of the curve, offering the latest apps that I have not even seen on any “professional” websites. I’m the type of person that loves to be involved in every aspect of my business, and getting consumer feedback through my site has been a fantastic tool.

I would recommend for any business or personal use. It would actually be the only site I would recommend for those who might not know where to start in creating a website.

Wix plug and play templates are fast and effortless solutions for those who would like to get their site up and running, and looking FAB. Wix also has blank templates, like a clean canvas, for those who are interested in showing their most creative side. Either way you go, you and your costumers will be more than impressed with how unique and user-friendly your website is. I know mine is.

The possibilities are endless and I’m always excited to incorporate Wix’s latest and greatest features and apps! My website has grown with me and has made running my own business a pleasure, and with along Wix’s help, will continue to grow.

My Website

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Julie Catona's website - Wix Stories

My Website

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