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I was born and raised in the USSR and in 1994 my family immigrated to Israel. When I was 15 years old, my dream was to become a children book illustrator but when applying for university, I decided to study animation. For the last 12 years I knew that there’s nothing I would like to do other than create.

In the very beginning, I was drawing album covers for my musician friends and creating wall drawings in friends’ houses. I also opened a shop on Etsy where I created custom-made designer toys. It’s so difficult to concentrate on one thing, but now I’m mostly focused on drawing illustrations and teaching animation workshops. I’m also developing an idea for an educational app for children that will teach storytelling and illustration.

The Internet is a very important aspect in what I do, because I can work anywhere in the world, with people from every continent. For example, at the same time I work as a freelance animator in Moscow, live in Israel, and sell my illustrations in the Netherlands.

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I first heard about Wix from my friend, who used to work there a few years ago. He knew that I panicked whenever I need to do something related to programming, so he suggested I use Wix to create a website.

The most enjoyable part of using Wix was the step by step instructions, clear interface, and familiar virtual environment where you can save, undo, and apply basic computer skills you’re familiar with from your daily computer programs.

Wix helped me to collect all the different works I have, and to show the diversity of my art in one place. Now there is no need to send my clients a bunch of links to different sites where I used to keep my animations, illustrations, toys etc.

I think that anonymity is the main challenge many talented artists face at the beginning of their professional career. Nobody knows about them, yet they have absolutely no idea how to create a website in order to let the world know who they are. Not every artist can afford to hire a professional web-designer to create their website, especially in the beginning of the path. Wix makes it so clear and easy to create a website independently, featuring your own unique design, without the need to receive assistance from a third party.

Tips that I can give to artists starting their own business: be patient and read a lot. Nowadays on the internet you can find any type of information on how to build your business step by step and how to create your own site, it’s a good point to start.

My Website

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My Website

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