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I began drawing before reading; art is still my first language. My parents enrolled me in private painting lessons when I was seven. My trajectory was set. I went to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and graduated with my BFA in Media Arts. Now I live amidst the rolling mountains of Northern California. In addition to art, I am a certified yoga teacher.
I walk through life transfixed at every turn by colors, shapes, letters + patterns. From a very early age, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the universal dialogue of art + design. My design combines a mid-century sensibility seen through a modern lens while my illustration walks the line between the representational + the abstract. Some of my most recent clients include Macy’s, Kimberley-Clark and Great Arrow Graphics. Qualities that best describe me professionally would be fun, upbeat, punctual, organized, silly, responsible, insightful, ambitious, eager, calm – all at once!

My Website

I wanted to design a website that would provide me with a strong, user-friendly template but would also allow for my own personal flourishes and alterations. Wix provided me with a strong foundation from which I could run wild and customize according to my own aesthetic.

As an artist, playing with many fonts, color schemes and layouts is the coolest thing about designing with Wix. The possibilities are endless and you have total control over them.

While all the bells and whistles of complex websites are impressive, when someone in my field is coming to my site, they don’t want to spend time navigating the site to see my work. They want to be efficient and economical with their time and get to my work and information. Wix helped me create a professional yet unique site that does that job for me.

I think Wix provides a user friendly service that allows me to go back, modify, and update my website with ease and without frustration.

If my site isn’t convincing enough, you have the added benefit of creating your own sample sites before you commit to anything. If you are worried that you aren’t tech savvy, the templates are user-friendly and the on-site help answers your questions quickly and clearly.


My Website

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Brian Love's website - Wix Stories

My Website

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