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I’m a Theater Set Designer and an illustrator. I was born in Madrid, Spain. The main challenge in my industry is the passage of the sketch to the actual construction of the set, and in the case of illustration, the approach to different styles according to customer needs.

I think that the qualities that best describe me professionally are that I listen, I show and retouch my work according to customer needs.

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Because my work focuses on other areas, the fact of having to learn to program or to use a specific web design software when you do not have time, can be a problem. The Wix editor is very intuitive and it covered everything I needed to create my own portfolio. That has helped me a lot. Also, Wix has great, totally customizable web templates which help you get started on a design idea and will hopefully prevent you from getting stuck with a design that is unchangeable or not what you need.

I’m still taking the first steps in my career, but I can say that having a Wix website has been the most comfortable way to show my work to prospective clients.


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My Website

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