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Superior infrastructure,
designed for your success.

Wix is engineered for industry-leading resilience and limitless scalability, all fully-managed for you. With 99.98% uptime,

the platform empowers 245M+ businesses worldwide.

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The power of multi-cloud hosting

Your site runs on the unified power of Google Cloud, AWS, Fastly, and Wix’s own data centers. Multi-cloud hosting improves your load times and provides full global coverage.

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Scales with your success

Your infrastructure automatically scales in response to traffic demands. Wix’s enterprise-grade scalability allows you to grow at pace.

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Worldwide CDN coverage

Your Wix site is served by three data centers across the U.S. and Europe, and is reinforced by over 200 Content Distribution Network (CDN) nodes. This global web server network enables the fast delivery of your web pages, videos and more to incoming traffic, so no matter where you’re located, we’ve got you covered.


CDN nodes
deployed globally


HTTP requests
handled per day


Uptime SLO

Your resilience comes first

A speedometer accelerating to show high performance.

Automated, always on

Wix’s infrastructure is monitored and fully-managed 24/7.

A protective shield with a tick symbol in the center.

Reinforced security

Wix provides 2 layers of DDoS protection against potential vulnerabilities.

A settings cog.

No maintenance windows

Wix maintains its infrastructure without getting in the way of your business.

  • Am I required to do server maintenance for my site?
    No. There is zero server maintenance required for Wix users.
  • Do I need to buy separate cloud-hosting?
    No. Every Wix site comes with free multi-cloud hosting. Combined with its own exclusive data centers, Wix utilizes the best-in-class technologies from AWS, Google Cloud, and Fastly to host and render sites.
  • How much traffic can a free/premium site handle?
    Wix’s infrastructure processes more than 4.5 billion requests a day and is engineered to handle significantly more traffic than this. With both free and premium sites, the platform is designed to automatically scale to handle your traffic needs without breaking a sweat. You never have to worry.
  • Does Wix use a CDN?
    Yes. Wix leverages a network of over 200 CDN nodes around the globe, and uses Fastly’s industry-leading technology as part of this process. Wix’s infrastructure has built in redundancies at every level to bolster site reliability and performance.
  • How often does Wix experience outages?
    Global and regional outages, outside of Wix’s infrastructure, are more common than you’d expect. Thanks to Wix’s automatic disaster recovery, these outages are rarely experienced by users. In 2021, Wix maintained 99.98% uptime across all its sites and strives to keep this uptime through its Service Level Objective. You can see a history of service availability here: Wix Status Page
  • Can I direct my site to a specific server or cloud hosting provider?
    No, there’s no need to. Wix has built-in automatic processes which direct your site to the best server according to your site traffic needs. This ensures your site gets the best performance.

Go big. We can handle it.

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