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Email Marketing:
Tips & How To’s

Background image of a hand pouring sauce on top of a breakfast dish.
Welcome email with the title ‘Get 10% off your next order’, an image of a breakfast dish and an ‘order online’ button.
Get Started

Get Started

Create the foundation for your email marketing practice by following these suggestions.

Background image of fruit and pastries.
Subscriber lightbox on a yellow sign-up form with text ‘get 10% off your first order’ and cheesecake next to an email submission box.

Grow your mailing list

Add a form to your site to collect the info of interested customers, and offer a one-time discount to drive signups.

Draft a welcome email

Set customer expectations—let them know how often you’ll write and the kinds of emails you’ll be sending.

Make a promotion plan

Use the email marketing calendar in your dashboard for campaign suggestions and plan ahead to stay organized. 

What to Send

What to Send

Mix it up to keep your content fresh and your customers engaged.


Keep customers in the know about new menu items, seasonal drinks, upcoming events, and more.

Purple newsletter email. Two banners with coffee, updates on new blends and store hours.


Offer exclusive discounts to reward your customers and encourage them to keep coming back.

Colorful promotional discount email. Header: ‘enjoy 10% off on your next order’ with sushi beneath.

Feedback requests

Ask for customer reviews to boost your star ratings and help attract new customers to your restaurant.

Feedback request email with plated sushi. Header: ‘how did we do?’. ‘Write a review’ button below.
"We ran an email campaign offering a free bottle of sake with a $50 purchase. We had a 70% open rate and got 175 orders."

Eugenia Enamorado,

Wix Restaurants user

Maximize performance

Get the most out of your email marketing with these expert-level content tips.

Promotional email with pizza, text ‘order in, we’ll do the cooking’ and menu button. On the left: tools to add buttons, images and text.

Include a clear CTA

Calls to action should link to a page that’s relevant to the email. Promoting a new menu item? Link to the ordering page.

Test subject lines

They should be short, specific, and actionable—try different styles to see which ones get the best results.

Keep your list current

Remove inactive or bounced contacts from your list on a regular basis to ensure your analytics are accurate.

Maximize Performance

Get all the email templates you need

Wix has restaurant-specific templates for any event, occasion, or season—with new ones being added all the time.

A collage of restaurant-specific email marketing templates, with several different images.

We’re here to help you grow

Explore marketing tools

Our built-in marketing suite includes social media templates, a video maker, and more.

Ask an account manager

Schedule a free 30 minute call and get personalized answers to your platform questions.

Hire a professional

Get matched with a certified Wix Partner to help you build any aspect of your site or marketing strategy.

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