A restaurant page from the Wix restaurant website builder including a restaurant menu design and online table reservations.

Create a Full-Service Restaurant Website 

  • Build a professional menu and customize the design

  • Take online orders without paying commissions

  • Let customers book tables 24/7

  • Promote your restaurant with powerful marketing tools

A Full Menu of Features for Your Restaurant Website

3 different restaurant pages being created in the Wix restaurant website builder editor.

How to Create Your Restaurant Website

Follow these steps in the Wix Restaurant website builder: 

  1.  Choose from 60+ professional restaurant website templates

  2.  Customize your design to fit the vibe of your business

  3.  Add your menus and dishes to the restaurant page

  4.  Set up online ordering or table reservation features

  5.  Publish your website and bring in customers with a range of marketing tools


Showcase a

Mouth-Watering Menu

  • Create and customize a professional restaurant menu design

  • Guide customers by adding labels such as ‘vegetarian’ or ‘gluten free’ to specific dishes

  • Set up different menus such as ‘Breakfast’ or ‘Late Night’ and make them available at specific times

Examples of different restaurant menu designs from the Wix restaurant website builder.g
Example of the online ordering system for a burger restaurant created in the Wix restaurant website builder.

Receive Orders Directly from Your Website

  • Manage your orders with the online ordering system for restaurants

  • Process orders without paying commission 

  • Let customers select pickup or delivery

  • Get paid online with secure credit card payments or offline in cash


Manage Your Phone Orders 

  • Take and track phone orders 

  • Allow your staff to enter phone order details into the ordering system 

  • Manage your phone and online orders in the same place

Example of the system for managing phone orders for a restaurant in the Wix restaurant website builder.
Example of the online table booking system for a restaurant page in the Wix restaurant website builder.

Take Table Reservations 24/7

  • Get reservations directly from your restaurant page

  • Send confirmations by email and text and let users save the information into their calendars

  • Set rules such as maximum party sizes and how long you’ll hold tables for no-shows


Accept Secure

Online Payments

  • Let customers pay with credit card, digital wallets or cash 

  • Process your payments with your choice of provider such as Wix Payments, Paypal and Stripe 

  • Manage all your transactions and finances from one integrated dashboard

Images showing a report of payment transactions, a choice of methods to receive payments, and a cupcake for sale on a Wix Restaurants website.
Google Play
App Store
Example of a restaurant page created in the Wix restaurant website builder as viewed in the Wix Owner app.

Manage Your Restaurant on the Go with the Wix Owner App

  • Get real-time notifications of new orders and reservations and track their progress

  • Print order details directly from your phone

  • Update your menu immediately if items are out of stock

  • Connect with customers by phone or email

  • Chat with your site visitors at any time

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Choose From 60+ Professional Restaurant Website Templates 


All the Ingredients to Promote Your Restaurant  

Engage Your Customers with Email Marketing

  • Customize a range of professional email templates

  • Build a relationship with your customers by sharing regular updates

  • Measure your success with analytics tools

Spread the Word with Social Posts

  • Connect your site with your Facebook and Instagram accounts

  • Tailor Social Post templates to fit your brand 

  • Reach more customers and increase exposure for your business

Get Found on Google with SEO Tools

  • Receive a personalized step-by-step plan to help you rise in search results

  • Bring more visitors to your site by getting ranked higher on Google

  • Track your success with performance reports

Make More Sales with Discounts

  • Set up time-based discounts to encourage orders during quiet periods

  • Offer discounts on the whole menu or promote specific dishes 

  • Create and share coupon codes

Celebrate Special Occasions with Wix Events

  • Promote special events, such as New Year’s dinners or live performances

  • Sell tickets with secure online payments

  • Manage event logistics on the go from your phone

Build a Following with a Restaurant Blog

  • Increase repeat visits to your site with regular posts

  • Engage readers by showcasing your story

  • Grow sales by promoting menus, special dishes and events

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Get a la Carte Professional Help with Wix Partners

Get professional help to create and promote your restaurant website. Choose from 100s of experts in the Wix Marketplace to help with specific tasks such as advertising on social media or boosting your search ranking.

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