• Custom Member Registration Forms

    You can now create a custom member registration form. Collect any information you want, email new members and control how they're approved. 

  • Wix on Mobile: Free from Wix Image Collection Is Now Available

    Now when creating your website from your phone, you can get stunning images from the Free from Wix collection. Choose from thousands of professional, high-quality images - all completely free.
  • Contact List: Export to CSV File

    Now you can export contacts to a regular CSV file. You can manually select contacts or export based on specific labels. This will make your exported file much more readable and easier to work with. 

    Here's how: Log in to Wix > Contacts & CRM > Contact List > More Actions > Export Contacts
  • Wix Stores: More Possibilities with Corvid

    Now you can use Corvid for your online store. You'll see your store's collections and products available as collections in your Corvid database. Use Wix Stores with Corvid to enhance your functionality. You'll be able to customize how you display your products and create more features for your store to fit your business needs. 

    Here are some helpful resources:

    Go to the Editor > Corvid > Enable Corvid

    Unfamiliar with Wix Code? Learn all about it here
  • Wix Video: Update about Video Uploads

    With Wix Video, you can upload 30 minutes of video content. Once you exceed the limit, your videos will still be saved in your Wix Video library and you'll be able to edit and organize them into channels. Keep in mind, your visitors won't be able to watch these videos unless you upgrade to a Wix Video Premium Plan with the hours you need.

  • Wix Video: Faster Actions from Your Channel

    Now when you're managing one of your video channels, you can quickly do actions for a specific video. For example, edit the video's info, set the time you want to publish it, remove it from the channel and more.
  • Wix Video: Create Your Website with Wix ADI

    Now you can create a professional website for your videos with Wix ADI. Instantly get a professional website made for you with Wix Video built in, so you can start showcasing your videos right away.
  • Wix Blog: New Thumbnail for Posts Without Images

    When managing your blog posts, you may notice that something looks a bit different. We've updated the thumbnail for blog posts without any images. Keep in mind - this doesn't affect how your post looks to your readers.
  • Wix Blog: Unpublished Changes

    Easily keep track of your blog posts. When managing your posts, you'll see an exclamation point next to any post that has unpublished changes. 
  • Wix Blog: Add Dividers to Your Posts

    Add a divider to your blog posts. See how