• Wix App Market: New Facebook Feed App

    Add a custom feed of your Facebook Page on your website and grow your online community. Showcases posts, photos and videos from your Facebook and boost your likes and shares. Learn more

  • Wix App Market: New Easy Content App

    Easily add fresh content on your site from across the web. Choose a layout, select the type of articles you want to present and set how often you want content to be updated. Learn more
  • Wix Art Store: Sample Order Discount

    New! Want to check out the quality of the products you'll be selling in your Art Store? Easily make a sample order and as a Wix Art Store merchant, you'll receive a one-time 20% discount! Learn more

  • Wix Logo Maker: Automatic Website

    New! After purchasing your logo, you automatically receive a free website with your new logo and brand colors in the Wix Editor. You can easily edit and customize your site to make it exactly the way you want. Learn more

  • Wix Chat: Add a Contact Form

    Add a contact form to your Wix Chat box and never miss a lead. Customers can leave their contact information before you chat with them so you can easily contact them in the future. You can control the text, decide what info you want to collect and personalize your thank you message. Learn more
  • Wix Logo Maker: Text Rotation

    Now you can make your logo even more stunning by rotating your logo name and tagline text to the right or left, giving your logo a unique shape and design.
  • Wix Mobile: Background Settings

    In the Mobile Editor, you can change your mobile site background by simply clicking on the background. Learn more
  • Wix Events: Selecting Events to Display

    If you have created more than one event, you can choose whether you want to display multiple events or a single event in the app. Learn more
  • Wix Email Marketing: Active/Not Active Users Toggle

    When sending email marketing campaigns, it is important to keep in mind who your active contacts are. Active contacts are people who engage positively with your newsletter. We recommend sending emails to your active contacts only.  Learn More
  • Wix Editor: Overlapping Feature Improvements

    View and select overlapping elements: move elements around or bring elements forward or backward. Learn more