• Wix Mobile App: Create a Site for Your Places

    Now you can use Wix ADI to create a site for your newly created places on the Wix mobile app. Learn more
  • Wix Bookings: New Mobile Features

    Now you can do even more from the Wix Mobile App:
    - Set your bookings and cancellation policies
    - Add and manage new members 
    - Edit staff details and availability
  • Wix Stores: Set up Shipping and Tax on Mobile

    You can now select and update your shipping and tax options directly from the Wix Mobile App.
  • Wix Mobile App: Pin or Hide Sites

    Update to the newest version of the app to pin or hide sites. Pinned sites will appear at the top of the page so you can find them more easily.
  • Wix Stores: Send Coupons via Chat

    Now you can send a coupon to a visitor you're chatting with right from the Wix mobile app. Simply click on the coupon icon.
  • Wix Mobile App: Choose to Display All Your Forum's Posts or Categories

    Go to the Wix mobile app to decide what to show in your forum: a list of all your posts or categories. Find out more
  • Wix Mobile App: Manage Your Forum Categories

    Go to the Wix mobile app to manage your forum categories right from your phone. Find out more
  • Paid Plans App: Assign a Plan to a Member Who's Made an Offline Payment

    Now you can assign a plan to a member who's made an offline payment—right from your phone.

    Here's how:
    1. Go to the Wix app and click Paid Plans
    2. In the Purchased tab, click Add Purchase
    3. Choose a client & plan and click Save Purchase
  • The New Wix Mobile App Is Now Available

    Get a better experience managing your website and business on the go.
    Available in the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

    - Manage your Wix website
    Get notifications, view all your messages, instantly send responses, start a live chat and more.
    - Add & upload pictures
    Take photos on your phone and upload them straight to your website's image library.
    - Manage your store
    Track orders, add new products and get notified about sales and when you're out of stock.
    - Keep track of your bookings
    Add services & appointments, check in clients and get instant notifications & reminders.
    - Manage your blog
    Manage your blog posts and share your latest content with subscribers.
    - Create events
    Invite guests, send invitations and let people RSVP or buy tickets from their phones.

    The Wix Mobile App is both for you, the website owner, and your customers. Simply invite people to become members. Members can chat you, book a service, RSVP to an event, start a discussion and more. Find out more

    Learn more about the Wix Mobile App
  • Better Experience Managing Your Online Store from the Wix Mobile App

    Go to the Wix mobile app and click on Store to see the beautiful new design and check out what's new:
    - See all your products and orders 
    - Find any orders or collections you've archived 
    - Access your POS right there
    and more

    Available on iOS and Android