• Social Posts: Crop Your Background Image

    Now you can crop the background image of your social posts. Simply click on the background image and click the Crop icon.
  • Settings Has Been Reorganized

    Log in to Wix and click Settings. 

    Here are the biggest changes:
    - Settings & Manage Website have been merged into one
    - Go to General Info to customize your favicon
    - Go to Overview to manage your general info, SSL certificate and roles & permissions
  • Create Stunning Social Posts from Your Desktop

    Create beautiful posts for your social channels. 

    Here's how:
    1. Log in to Wix
    2. Click Marketing Tools 
    3. Go to Social Posts
  • Use the New Google Ads Pixels gtag.js

  • Opt Out of Receiving Wix Inbox Notifications

    Now site owners and contributors can opt out of receiving Wix Inbox notifications. Find out how
  • Wix Automations Is Now Available

    Send an email, chat or get a notification every time a user does a certain action.

    Here's how:
    1. Log in to Wix
    2. Contacts & CRM
    3. Automations

    Find out more
  • Your Wix Inbox Has a New Design

    Your may have noticed your Wix Inbox has a beautiful new design. Plus you can now add attachments to your messages. 

    Here's where to go: Log in to Wix > Contacts & CRM > Inbox
  • Connect Your G Suite Account to Your Wix Inbox

    Connect your G Suite account to your Wix Inbox. This way, any emails sent through your Wix account will come from your custom email address.

    - Remove Wix branding from messages sent from your Wix Inbox
    - Change the sender email to your professional email address 
    - View emails sent from Wix Inbox in your Gmail sent folder
    - Create a custom signature that’ll appear on all your emails sent from Wix Inbox
  • Update About Marketing Integrations

    Get a more seamless experience when adding pixels to your site. Now when you go to add a Google or Facebook pixel, you can do it right in the Marketing Integrations tab instead of being sent back to the Tracking & Analytics tab.

    Here's how: Log in to Wix > Marketing Tools > Marketing Integrations

    Once you've added pixels, you can still manage them in the Tracking & Analytics tab.
    Where to find it: Log in to Wix > Manage Website > Tracking & Analytics
  • Create Unique Roles for Your Site Members

    Now you can create unique roles for your site members. Give permission or restrict access to certain pages based on these roles.

    Why this is great: You can now offer different membership tiers or create different roles for different types of site members (i.e. teachers & students). 

    Here's how: Log in to Wix > Contacts & CRM > Member Permissions > Add New Role
    See how to here

    Please note: To create a member role, you'll first need to create Members Only pages.