• New Marketing Integration: A/B Testing

    Create a/b tests on your website with VWO.

    Here's where to find it:
    1. Log in to Wix
    2. Go to Marketing Tools and Marketing Integrations
    3. Start using VWO
  • Wix Stores: Your Domain Appears in the Checkout URL

    Now, when customers check out, they'll see your domain name instead of cartscheckout.com. 

    For example: www.mystunningwebsite.com/checkout
  • Wix Bookings: Quick Setup Wizard

    Now when you add a new service, you’ll be asked a couple quick questions to help you set everything up.

    Here's how:
    1. Log in to Wix
    2. Click Booking Services
    3. Click Add a New Service
  • Wix Editor: Upload Fonts for Wix Chat

    Upload your font to the Editor and use it for your chat.

    Here's how to choose your font:
    1. Click on Wix Chat
    2. Go to Settings
    3. Click on Design and choose the font you want to use    
  • Wix Editor: View Your Form Submissions More Easily

    Now you'll see the fields according to your form's order.

    Here's where to go:
    1. Log in to Wix and go to Contacts & CRM
    2. Click Form Submissions
    3. Choose the form you want to view
  • Wix ADI: Choose the Color Behind Your Images

    Creating your website with Wix ADI? Now you can pick a color from your site's color palette.

    1. Go to your site and click Design
    2. Click Customize Design and pick Media
    3. Choose the Color Behind Image   
  • Wix Bookings: Quickly Share Your Services on Social Media

    Quickly share your services on social media.

    Here's how:
    1. Log in to Wix
    2. Click Booking Services
    3. Select a service and click the Share icon
  • Wix Editor: Crop Your Image into a Shape

    Do more with crop! Now you can crop an image into a shape, reset the shape proportions and flip the shape horizontally or vertically. Simply click Crop and then choose Shape Crop.

    You can also automatically crop the image. Go to Image Settings and scroll to Auto fill. To do so, you'll need to enable Keep Proportions

    To reset the image, go to Image Settings and click Reset image.
  • Wix Stores: Express Checkout Is Now Available for Your Customers

    Your customers now have the option to save their credit card information to use for future purchases. They can manage their credit cards in My Wallet, their member's page.
  • Wix Now Supports iOS 11 & Above

    Wix now only supports websites on iPads or iPhones with iOS 11 and above. Find out more