• Wix Forum: Now Comes with One Default Category

    Now when you add Wix Forum, you'll automatically get only one default category. Feel free to add as many categories as you want to get the conversation started.
  • Wix ADI: Enhance Low-Resolution Images

    When creating your website with Wix ADI, you can now enhance any low-resolution images you use.   
  • Wix Editor: The Layers Panel Is Now Available

    Now you can work with overlapping elements in the Editor—without touching the design.

    Use the Layers panel to:
    - Easily find a specific element
    - Show or hide an element
    - Bring elements to the front or back
    - Click Spotlight to see only the selected element
    And more 

    Here's how to access the Layers panel:
    1. Go to the Editor and turn on Developer Tools
    2. Under Tools, select the Toolbar
    3. Click Layers (beta) at the bottom of the toolbar

    Find out more
  • Bind Dropdown Values to a Reference Field

    This automatically sets the labels in the dropdown element to the items from the referenced collection. Find out more here
  • Wix Podcast Player Is Available

    Feature and stream podcasts right on your website. Go to the Wix App Market to add it today.
  • Add User Input Elements Inside Repeaters

    Now you can add user input elements—like Date Picker, Input, Dropdown, and Checkbox—inside a repeater.
  • Wix Logo: Undo, Redo & Add a Background Color

    Now you can undo, redo and add a background color to your logo.

    Here's how to design your logo:
    1. Log in to Wix
    2. Go to Marketing Tools
    3. Click Logo Maker
  • Wix Video: Grid Layout Is Now Available

    Showcase your videos in a grid layout.

    Here's how:
    1. Go to Wix Video
    2. Click on Settings
    3. Select Layout & choose Grid
  • View Your Offline Payments

    Now you can keep track of all your offline payments.

    Here's how: 
    1. Log in to Wix
    2. Settings
    3. Click Accept Payments and select Payments Overviev
  • Wix ADI Is Now Available in Russian

    Exciting news for all our Russian speakers! You can now use Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) to create your website. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions and you'll automatically get a website designed just for you in minutes.