• Get Subscribers: Update about GDPR

    Now you can add a checkbox to your subscribe form. This will make it easy for visitors to give consent when signing up to your mailing list.

    Here's how: Go to the Editor > Click on Get Subscribers > Settings > GDPR > Require Consent

    Read more about GDPR here
  • Wix App Market: New Paid Plans App

    The new Paid Plans App makes it easy for you to offer pricing plans on your website.

    Here's how it works:
    1. Go to the Wix App Market and add the Paid Plans App
    2. Name your plan, add benefits & features & set the price 
    3. Publish your website
  • Wix Editor: Internet Explorer 11 and Safari 9 No Longer Supported

    Still using Internet Explorer 11 or Safari 9 with the Wix Editor? You'll see a popup letting you know that these browsers are no longer supported.

    To get the best experience creating your website, here's what we recommend:
    Internet Explorer 11 users:  Try Edge or Chrome
    Safari 9 users: Update your browser

    Please note: You are not blocked from using the Wix Editor. You may click Got It or X out and continue working on your website.  
  • Update About Your Website's Menu on Mobile Devices

    Now when viewing your website from your phone, you can close your menu by clicking outside the menu. If you don't remember, before you had to click on the "X". This is a small change that gives people a better experience when visiting your website on the go.
  • Wix ADI Is Now Available in Spanish

    Exciting news for all our Spanish speakers! You can now use Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) to create your website. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions and you'll automatically get a website designed just for you in minutes. 

  • Wix Editor: Better Experience Customizing Your Form

    Now you can easily add the fields you need to your form.

    Here's how: Go to the Editor > Click on your form > Select Manage Fields

    Find out more here
  • Wix Editor: Update About Galleries

    You may notice it looks a bit different when you go to add a gallery in the Editor. That's because we've given this part of the Add panel a beautiful new design. Plus, all galleries now come with stunning new default images. Check it out for yourself.

    Here's how: Go to the Editor > Add > Gallery
  • Wix Editor: Access Your Site's Settings More Easily

    At the top of the Wix Editor, you'll see Settings clearly marked, making it quicker for you to do things like connect a domain, go to your dashboard and more. 
  • Wix Blog: RSS Button

    Easily add a RSS button so visitors using RSS readers can stay up to date on all your latest blog posts. See how
  • Wix Blog: Add HTML

    Now you can easily add HTML code to your blog posts. This is great for creating polls and forms, embedding other websites and placing ads. Find out how