• Personalize Your Wix Payments Payout Cycles

    You can now choose when payouts are sent to your bank account. Select from a daily, weekly or monthly payout cycle—you can change it at any time. Learn more
  • Print Shipping Labels with Melhor Envio

    Create shipping labels for your Brazil-based eComm business with the new Melhor Envio app. Buy and print shipping labels and automatically add tracking numbers. Learn more
  • Create a More Engaging Members Area with a New Layout

    Improve your members' experience with a new members page layout. Customize it to match your brand and encourage members to be more active. Learn more
  • Manage Your Orders & Inventory with the New Multiorders App

    Monitor stock levels, manage orders, connect to multiple sales channels, create shipping labels and purchase orders—all in one place with Multiorders
  • Your Customers Can Change the Quantity in Their Minicart

    Buyers will now be able to change their desired product quantity in the Minicart without having to go into the product page or cart page. 
  • Suspend and Reactivate Subscriptions

    You now have the flexibility to pause subscriptions. When you’re ready to offer services again or your customer wants to rejoin, simply reactivate their plan. Learn more

  • Offer Your Clients Pricing Plans with Faster Checkout

    Now your customers can buy your pricing plans with faster and simpler checkout. Go to your site > Plans & Pricing > Select a plan > Click Sign up or Log in
  • Automatically Inform Your Customers before Their Free Trial Ends

    Set up an automated email and let your customers know that their free trial period will end in 3 days. Give customers the flexibility to cancel before they're charged. Learn more

  • Add a Class Timetable to Your Site in Wix Bookings

    Display your classes in a timetable so your clients can easily see what's available on any particular day. Learn more
  • Customize Fonts in the Wix Restaurants Orders App

    You can now personalize your online ordering page even more with custom fonts that match your restaurant’s brand. Learn more