• Ascend by Wix: CRM: New EM Campaign Access Point

    You can now start an email campaign and explore EM templates from the Get Subscribers Form settings panel.
    Here’s how: Click on your Get Subscribers Form > Form Settings > Email Marketing
  • Wix Shared Gallery: New App Released

    Now you can create a shared gallery on your site for community members to share photos and videos with one another. Learn more 
  • Wix Editor: Accessibility: DOM Order for Header & Footer Now Available

    Give a more user-friendly browsing experience to visitors who use screen readers. You can now choose to automatically or manually set your site’s DOM order, allowing readers to navigate through interactive components on your site in a logical order. Learn more
  • App Market: Shippo Is Now Available

    Streamline shipping by integrating your store with Shippo. You can automatically import your Wix orders, print shipping labels and more. Learn more
  • Ascend by Wix: Personalized Email Marketing Campaigns

    Create personalized EM campaigns by adding Dynamic Values to text, titles and subject lines. Learn more
  • Wix Editor: Photo Studio: New Filter Slider

    Control the intensity of filter effects applied to your images by using the new Filter Slider. Learn more
  • Wix Blog: New Preview Post Option

    You can now review your New Wix Blog posts before publishing them on your site. Learn more
  • Wix Mobile App: New Dashboard Tabs

    Check out the new Mobile App Dashboard tabs: Overview displays site insights, contacts, store orders and tasks, while Manage allows access to your apps, settings, marketing and business tools.
  • Progress Bar API

    You can now use the progress bar element to indicate the progress of a goal, task, or operation. Learn more
  • Ascend by Wix: New Push Notification Automations

    You can now create an automation to get push notifications on your Dashboard, website browser or in the Wix Mobile App. Just choose Workflows as your trigger. Learn more