• Wix Stores: Find Products to Sell with Dropshipping and Print on Demand

    Discover new products to sell with dropshipping and print-on-demand marketplaces.
    Here's how: Go to your Dashboard > Store Products > Find Products to Sell
  • Wix Stores: Add Coupons at Checkout

    Shoppers can now easily add and apply coupons within their order summary at checkout. This feature is automatically displayed on web and mobile checkout. 
  • Wix Stores: Send Invites to View Specific Products in the Wix Mobile App

    Now you and your members can send invites to view or buy specific products from your storefront on the Wix Mobile App. 
  • Wix Stores: New Related Products Gallery in the Wix Mobile App

    Your related products are now displayed on your Wix Mobile App storefront. 
  • Paid Plans: Cancel Recurring Plans Immediately

    Now you can choose to cancel a customer's plan immediately or at the end of the current pay period. Learn more


  • Wix Bookings: Require Approval for 1-on-1 Booking Requests

    Clients can now send booking requests for 1-on-1 sessions. You'll get notified of booking requests and can accept or decline them to take more control of your schedule. Your clients are then notified of your response. Learn more
  • Wix Badges API and Members/Badges database collection

    With the new badges API you can assign badges to site members programmatically. For example, you could assign a "Top Poster" badge to members with a minimum number of "likes" on a forum post, or assign a "Staff" badge to all members of the Bookings/Staff collection. Learn more

    You can also track your assigned badges and create dynamic pages per badge using the Badges database collection. Learn more
  • Wix Events: Add Tax to Tickets

    Add a tax rate to your tickets. You can include tax in the ticket price or add it to the total sale at checkout. Learn more
  • Ascend by Wix: Email Marketing: New Consent Checkbox

    Add a checkbox for subscribers to select when they fill out a signup form in your email. Learn more
  • Realtime API

    Using the Realtime API you can create channels where messages can be published. Site visitors who subscribe to a channel receive the messages published to that channel.

    Typical uses of the Realtime API include implementing a messaging system or as an alternative to using a polling mechanism.

    Learn more.