• New Wix Blog: Set Blog Writers

    Now you can add blog writers and editors directly from your dashboard.
    Here's how: Go to the Dashboard > Settings > Roles and Permissions 
  • New Wix Blog: Change Hover Color of Your Menu

    Now you can change the hover color of your Blog menu.
    Here's how: Go to the Editor > Blog Settings > Design > Blog Menu
  • Wix Blog: Post Collection Database

    Now you can turn on Developer Tools to get a database with all your blog post content. This means you can connect Editor elements to your blog dataset to customize your blog.
  • Wix Blog: Upload Videos from Your Computer

    Now you can upload your own videos to your blog posts. Before, you could add videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook.
  • Wix Blog: Update Your Category URL

    Now you can update your category URL. 
  • Wix Blog: Show or Hide Your Blog Menu

    Now you can show or hide the blog menu featured above the All Posts feed.

    You can also decide what you want to display in your menu:
    - Category labels
    - Search box
    - Login/sign up button

    Here's how: Go to Wix Blog Settings > Display > Click Blog Menu > Use the Show blog menu toggle
  • Wix Blog: Pagination

    Decide how your posts load: infinite scroll or pagination. You can also select the number of posts per page or per load. 

    Go to Wix Blog > Settings > Layout
  • Wix Blog: Title Layout Updates on Desktop & Mobile

    Now on desktop, your blog post titles will be displayed as 3 lines of text, instead of 2 lines with ellipses. On mobile, your entire blog post title will be displayed. 
  • Wix Blog: Get a Better Experience Making Changes

    Now when you make changes to an existing blog post, you only need to click once to save & publish. When working on a new or existing draft, you'll only need to click once to save. 
  • Wix Blog: Member's Area

    Create a Member's Area for your blog, full of exclusive content. Find out more