• Wix Blog: New Blog Dashboard on the Mobile App

    You can now access your blog dashboard while you're on the go from the Wix Mobile App.
  • Wix Blog: AMP and Schema Now Available

    Now you can display faster-loading blog posts on mobile devices with AMP and use Schema to help your site rank higher on Google.
  • Wix Blog: Import Your Blog from Wordpress

    Now you can easily import your Wordpress blog and posts to your site. Just add your Wordpress URL to get started. Learn more
  • Wix Blog: New Access to Post and Feed Pages

    It's now easier to access you blog post and feed pages from the Editor.
    Here's how:  Go to the Editor > My Blog > Blog Pages 
  • Wix Blog: Toggle Off "Pin It" Button

    You can now toggle off the Pinterest "Pin It" button via the post page Social Sharing section, under "Settings."   
  • Wix Blog: New Post Design Settings

    Now you can change the design settings for subtitles and quotes in your blog post pages. 
  • Wix Blog: Access the Post Page Settings

    Now you can access the Post Page settings, in order to control how your blog posts will be displayed. Learn more
  • Wix Blog: Text Color Picker

    You can now choose different colors for each word in the same blog post from the post manager.
  • Wix Blog: Adjust Line Height

    Now you can adjust the line height in the paragraph spacing for your blog posts. 
  • Wix Blog: Post Excerpts Expanded

    Now blog post excerpts can be added within the post manager for all blog add-ons and social media.