• Wix Blog: Unpublish Post Option Now Available

    You can now unpublish individual posts on the New Wix Blog by choosing the Revert to Draft option in your Blog Posts Manager. Learn more
  • Wix Blog: New Preview Post Option

    You can now review your New Wix Blog posts before publishing them on your site. Learn more
  • Wix Blog: Members Only Access Now Available

    You can now limit access to your blog to paying members only. Learn more
  • Wix Blog: New Mobile Feed Layout

    Customize your blog feed for mobile with the new magazine layout.
    Here’s how: Go to the Mobile Editor > Settings > Layout > Magazine
  • Wix Blog: New Blog Pages Access Point

    You can now access your Blog Pages section from the Menus & Pages panel in the Editor.
    Here’s how: Click on the Menus & Pages button > Blog Pages 
  • Wix Blog: New Mobile Layout

    You can now choose a new side by side blog layout that looks great for readers on the go.
    Here’s how: Click on your Blog Feed > Settings > Layout > Side by Side
  • Wix Blog: New Published Posts Tab

    You can now view your published posts right in your dashboard.
    Here’s how: Go to the Dashboard > Blog > Posts > Published

  • Wix Blog: New Blog Dashboard on the Mobile App

    You can now access your blog dashboard while you're on the go from the Wix Mobile App.
  • Wix Blog: AMP and Schema Now Available

    Now you can display faster-loading blog posts on mobile devices with AMP and use Schema to help your site rank higher on Google.
  • Wix Blog: Import Your Blog from Wordpress

    Now you can easily import your Wordpress blog and posts to your site. Just add your Wordpress URL to get started. Learn more