• Wix ADI: Image Opacity

    Creating your website with Wix ADI? Now you can control the opacity of your background, strip and column images.

    Here's how:
    Hover over the image and select Customize. Under Media Layout, you'll see the Image Opacity toggle.
  • Wix Video: New Add Panel

    You may notice it feels a little different when you go to add Wix Video to your website. That's because we've changed the images and demo content. Now it says "Your Video Channel Name" and "Your Video Title" to make it easier to understand what to put there.
  • Wix Blog: Get a Better Experience Making Changes

    Now when you make changes to an existing blog post, you only need to click once to save & publish. When working on a new or existing draft, you'll only need to click once to save. 
  • Crop Your Social Post's Background Image

    Simply double click on your social post's background image to start cropping. 
  • Create Stunning Social Posts from Your Desktop

    Create beautiful posts for your social channels. 

    Here's how:
    1. Log in to Wix
    2. Click Marketing Tools 
    3. Go to Social Posts
  • Wix Editor: Better Experience Adding User Input Elements

    To make it easier for you to find what you're looking for, we've added sub-navigation to the User Input elements in the Add panel.

    Here's where to find it:
    1. Go to the Wix Editor
    2. Click Code and Turn on Developer Tools
    3. Click Add and User Input
  • Wix Blog: Member's Area

    Create a Member's Area for your blog, full of exclusive content. Find out more
  • Use the New Google Ads Pixels gtag.js

  • Customize Your Website's Quick Action Bar

    Now there are new icons to choose from! Look good while making it easy for visitors to contact you from their mobile devices. 
  • Wix Blog: Change the Author of Drafts & Published Posts

    As admin, you can change the author of your drafts or published posts. Find out more