• New Mobile Animations

    There are now different animations for the desktop and mobile versions of your site, and you have more animations made exclusively for mobile.
  • Email Marketing: New Get Subscribers

    Now when you add a Get Subscribers form, it will have more design and customization options. Learn more
  • Wix Bookings: New Mobile Features

    Now you can do even more from the Wix Mobile App:
    - Set your bookings and cancellation policies
    - Add and manage new members 
    - Edit staff details and availability
  • Wix Stores: Set up Shipping and Tax on Mobile

    You can now select and update your shipping and tax options directly from the Wix Mobile App.
  • Wix ADI: New Color Designs

    Creating a site with Wix ADI? There are new color designs to choose from.
  • API: wix-site.currentPage

    Get information about the current page or lightbox. Learn more
  • API: Upload Button - Video

    Let your site visitors upload videos with the Upload Button element. Learn more 
  • API: Task Management

    You can now manage your Ascend by Wix Tasks and Reminders using the new wix-crm-backend.tasks API. Learn more
  • Social Posts: New Design Features

    You can now undo or redo design changes without reverting back to the original design. You also have a wider selection of graphics, such as Illustrations, Boxes and Shapes, and Frames.
  • Wix ADI: Improved Editing Experience

    Creating your site with Wix ADI? Actions like Edit and Design are now on top of each section and there are more ways to access the section design editor.