• Wix Editor: New Image Effects

    Now you can add amazing effects to your images. Lighten, brighten and even add a 3D feel. Find out more here.

  • Image Cropping

    Use the new Crop tool to easily crop your images. Learn more here.
  • Wix Editor: Zoom Out & Re-order

     See your entire website at once, so you can easily reorder any section. Find out more here.
  • New to the App Market: Conversion Popup

    Conversion Popup lets you display a popup to visitors who are just entering your site or who are about to leave it. It's perfect for collecting email addresses, gathering feedback, offering coupons, or building an engaging call to action. Read more.
  • App Market: Local Pics

    Local Pics is a fun and easy way to showcase your customers' Instagram photos. Create a more engaging user experience on your website with user-generated photos. Read more here
  • New to the App Market: Right Click Protect

    Right Click Protect lets you add a personalized copyright notice to your website. It appears on your site's footer and when visitors right click anywhere on your site. Read more here.
  • App Market: Simple-Real-Estate

    Simple-Real-Estate is an all-in-one online management system for real estate agents and small agencies. Simply add assets to an easy-to-use database that automatically updates to your website. Read more here.
  • App Market: Lumifish Info Bar

    Create any message you want and display it right on your website with the Lumifish Info Bar. Easily promote sales, advertise new arrivals, drive customers to a specific page and more. Read more here.  

  • Wix Restaurants: Multiple Menu Pages

    Now, your can create multiple menu pages with Wix Restaurants. Create stunning pages for each menu - breakfast, lunch and dinner - or add a unique page for takeout food.
  • Wix Restaurants: Express Checkout

    Future Orders allows customers to place orders for a date in the future from a few hours ahead to days before the delivery time.