• Wix Pro Gallery: Slideshow with Autoplay Images

    Now you can easily set your images to slide automatically. 

    Here's how:
    1. Go to the Editor
    2. Select the Wix Pro Gallery and click Settings
    3. Under Layout, choose a Slide Show
  • Wix Music: Square Is Now Available

    You can now use Square to accept online payments. See how to set it up
  • Opt Out of Receiving Wix Inbox Notifications

    Now site owners and contributors can opt out of receiving Wix Inbox notifications. Find out how
  • Wix Forum: Reply Directly to a Comment

    Now, with Wix Forum, you and your members can reply directly to a comment on a post.
  • New Cyrillic Fonts Are Available in the Wix Editor

    These Cyrllic fonts are now available:
    - Oswald
    - Roboto
    - Cormorant Garamond
    - Montserrat
    - Playfair Display

    Here's how to access these fonts:
    1. Go to the Editor and double click on a text box
    2. Under Fonts, click Add Languages
    3. Pick the language characters you want
  • Wix Video: Add a Single Video to Your Site

    Now you can add a single video to your site.

    Here's how:

    1. Go to the Editor
    2. Add Wix Video
    3. Click Settings and Select Single Video
  • Get a Better Experience Adding Subdomains to Your Wix Account

    It's now easier to add subdomains to your Wix account. We'll provide relevant instructions along the way. Find out how
  • Wix ADI: Change Your Business Name's Font Size

    Simply click on your business name to choose from 4 different font sizes. 
  • Add Your Instagram Feed to the Site You Created with Wix ADI

    Showcase all your Instagram photos & videos on your website. Find out how
  • The New Wix Blog Is Available for Wix ADI

    You can now add the new Wix Blog to the website you created with Wix ADI. Find out more