• Wix Media: File Share Collections

    Now you can work with your File Share app data. When you add a file share library to your site, the Media/FileshareFiles and Media/FileshareFolders collections are added to your site’s Database. The collections contain information about the files and folders shared on your site. Learn more
  • Wix Editor Elements ($w): Audio Player API

    With the Audio Player API you can customize your Wix Audio Player. Now you can control your audio tracks programatically, customize your display, and add events as site visitors navigate your tracks. Learn more
  • Paid Plans API

    You can now use the Paid Plans API to work with plans in your site from front-end code. Learn more
  • Progress Bar API

    You can now use the progress bar element to indicate the progress of a goal, task, or operation. Learn more
  • CRM: Workflows API

    The new wix-crm-backend.workflows API allows you to work with your site's workflows in backend code. Learn more
  • Wix Stores: Abandoned Carts Collection

    With the Stores/AbandonedCarts collection, you can now retrieve the shopping carts that were created but did not end with a purchase. Learn more
  • HTTP Functions: options()

    You can now use the options() function to respond to requests made with the HTTP OPTIONS method, such as API consumers attempting to identify the allowed request methods or as part of a CORS preflight request. Learn more
  • Filter Binding

    Now you can create filters for various lists (like repeaters, tables and galleries), to make it easier for your users to navigate through lots of content. No coding required. Learn more
  • Media Gallery Field Type Added to Database

    You can now add video to the Media Gallery field. You can add images and multiple videos in the same field and connect to a single Pro Gallery element. Learn more
  • ThankYouPage API Released

    The ThankYouPage API allows you to get the order information from your store's thank you page so you can customize the page. Learn more