• Wix Stores: getAbandonedCart

    With the new getAbandonedCart() function you can get the information in an abandoned cart by providing the cart's ID. Learn more
  • Wix Editor Elements ($w): Multi-State Box API

    With the new multi-state box element and API you can display different content for different situations and let site visitors easily navigate multiple displays. Learn more 
  • Paid Plans: cancelOrder API

    Now you can use the Paid Plans cancelOrder API to allow members to cancel their own orders (subscriptions). Learn more
  • Wix Site: prefetchPageResources

    With the new prefetchPageResources() function you can optimize resource fetching of pages and lightboxes on your site so they will load faster. Learn more
  • Wix Data: Truncate Function

    The Wix Data truncate() function allows you to delete all items from a database collection at one time. Learn more

  • CRM: Media Manager API

    The new wix-media-backend mediaManager API allows you to work with your site's Media Manager in backend code. Learn more
  • CRM: Workflows API

    The new wix-crm-backend.workflows API allows you to work with your site's workflows in backend code. Learn more
  • Price Quotes and Invoices APIs

    With the new Price Quotes and Invoice APIs you can create, send, and track price quotes and invoices from your site with code. Learn more
  • New Backend Functions

    New functions have been added to work with users in backend code. The new functions are getUser(), updateUserFields(), and deleteUser(). Learn more
  • Wix Blog: Categories Collection

    Now when you install a blog on your site, the Blog/Categories collection is added to your site’s database. Using the information in the collection you can design custom category pages and labels for your blog posts. Learn more