• Custom Member Registration Forms

    You can now create a custom member registration form. Collect any information you want, email new members and control how they're approved. 

  • Wix Stores: More Possibilities with Velo

    Now you can use Velo for your online store. You'll see your store's collections and products available as collections in your Velo database. Use Wix Stores with Velo to enhance your functionality. You'll be able to customize how you display your products and create more features for your store to fit your business needs. 

    Here are some helpful resources:

    Go to the Editor > Velo > Enable Velo
    Unfamiliar with Velo? Learn all about it here
  • Email Marketing: Send Trigger Emails to All Contacts

    With Velo by Wix, you can now send automated emails to all your contacts for any action you choose. Learn more 
  • New IDE in the Code Panel

    We’ve updated the IDE in the Code Panel. It has a better look and feel, and has enhancements that make coding even easier and more professional.
    What's New?

    1. Variable highlighting: Click anywhere in a variable and we’ll highlight all the other places that variable is used.
    2. Parenthesis highlighting: Want to check if you closed your parenthesis or brackets? Click on one and we’ll highlight the other.
    3. Auto-suggest: Just start typing and we’ll try and guess the code you’re trying to use. If you like our guess, just hit Enter and we’ll finish the code for you.
    4. New styling. 

  • Triggered Emails for Velo

    Send custom, automated emails to your subscribers and site members with Velo by Wix! Create your email and add code snippets to set up your trigger event, or include dynamic content. Be sure to turn on Developer Tools to use Triggered Emails. Learn More