• Wix Forum: Updated Post Toolbar

    Now when you create a forum post, you'll have the option to add an image, video and divider. Currently, you can no longer add emojis or galleries. Keep in mind, old posts with emojis will not be affected. Old posts with galleries will be displayed as a series of images. 
  • App Market: Wix File Share

    Create a place where your community can share files. Go to the App Market to add it to your site
  • Wix Forum: Notifications Link Directly to the Comment

    Notifications to your email or your Members notification page will now link directly to the relevant comment.
  • Wix Bookings: Get Data on Site Visitors' Interactions

    Get real time reports about your site visitors' interactions with your online booking system. Find out more
  • Wix Editor: Change Font Size in the Mobile Editor

    Changing your text font size in the mobile editor just got a little bit easier.
  • Wix ADI: New Designs and Layouts

    Creating a website with Wix ADI? New designs and layouts are available.
  • Wix Editor: Add a Physical Address to Your Quick Action Bar

    Help customers find you by adding a physical address to your quick action bar. When a visitor clicks, their maps app will open. Find out more

    Here's how:
    1. Go to the Editor and switch to mobile
    2. Click Mobile Tools and check Quick Action Bar
    3. Click Set Up Quick Actions, More Actions and Address
  • Ascend by Wix: Keyboard with Saved Replies, Coupons and Products on Desktop

    Now when you're chatting with a visitor from desktop, you can easily access your saved replies, coupons and products. 

    Here's how: Go to your Inbox > Chat with a live visitor
  • Ascend by Wix: See Live Visitors from Desktop

    See who's visiting your site. All you have to do is go to your Inbox and click Live Chat in the top right corner. 
  • Ascend by Wix: Your All-in-One Business Solution

    Connect with visitors, manage your work and grow your business with a suite of professional tools - all available in your site dashboard. Find out more