• Wix Blog: New Blog Dashboard on the Mobile App

    You can now access your blog dashboard while you're on the go from the Wix Mobile App.
  • App Market: Wix ShoutOut Mobile App Removed

    Since you can now use email marketing on the Wix Mobile App, ShoutOut has been removed from the app market.
  • Wix Restaurants: New Error Message Prevents Conflicting Business Hours

    Thanks to a new error message, you can now set custom business, menu or delivery hours in multiple areas on your site without accidentally setting conflicting hours.
  • Wix Editor: Create Your Own Members Badge

    Users can now upload their own vector art to create member badges in the Members Area. Learn more
  • Wix Editor: Unsplash Images Now Available

    You can now add beautiful and free high-resolution images from Unsplash to your site. Learn more
  • App Market: Impressive Tooltip Now Available

    Add interactive, informative and customized tooltips to your site by getting Impressive Tooltip from the App Market.
  • Wix Editor: Vector Art Flip and Shadow Now Available

    Customize your vector art by flipping it to create mirror images or add dimension with a cool shadow effect.
  • App Market: Wix File Share: New Sort Method Available

    You can now change the default sort method in the Wix File Share App.
    Here’s how: Go to File Share Settings > Display > Library Options > Library Default Sort
  • Wix Podcast Player: New Search Bar

    Visitors can now easily find their favorite podcasts by using the new in-app search bar.
  • App Market: Multilingual App Now Available

    Serve a global audience with a professional site in several languages by adding Wix Multilingual from the App Market.