• Ascend by Wix: Contact Images Now Available

    You can now upload an image for contacts through the contact panel.
    Here’s how: Go to the Dashboard > Customer Management > Contact List > Click on a contact > Click on camera icon
  • Wix Editor: Color Transparent Videos

    You can now customize transparent videos by coloring them any way you like. Just choose a color preset or create your own. Learn more
  • Filter Binding

    Now you can create filters for various lists (like repeaters, tables and galleries), to make it easier for your users to navigate through lots of content. No coding required. Learn more
  • Media Gallery Field Type Added to Database

    You can now add video to the Media Gallery field. You can add images and multiple videos in the same field and connect to a single Pro Gallery element. Learn more
  • Wix Editor: Text Overlay in Photo Studio

    You can now customize your images with a text overlay. Add text boxes, create a custom watermark and more.
  • Ascend by Wix: New Email Marketing Composer

    Check out the new email marketing platform, which includes new design options like element duplication and color themes. Learn more
  • App Market: Ads for LinkedIn App Now Available

    You can now set up your LinkedIn ad campaigns by adding the Ads for LinkedIn app to your site. Learn more
  • Wix Stores: Automated Tax and Tax Groups with Avalara

    Now you can create different tax groups for varied store products using Avalara. Learn more
  • ThankYouPage API Released

    The ThankYouPage API allows you to get the order information from your store's thank you page so you can customize the page. Learn more
  • Wix Stores: getCurrentCart Backend Function

    The wix-stores-backend.getCurrentCart() function allows you to retrieve the current shopping cart in backend code. Learn more