• Wix SEO Tools: New Default Pattern for Site Pages

    Now all site pages, including your homepage, will have the following default pattern: {{page.name}} | {{site.name}}. If you already manually changed your pattern—no worries. This change won’t override your edits. Learn how to edit your site name.
  • Wix Stores: New Rich Text Product Description

    Put emphasis where it’s needed. You can now highlight and change the color of your product descriptions.
    Here’s how: Go to the Dashboard > Store Products > Products > Select product > Description > Edit Text Color or Highlight
  • Wix Editor: Multilingual Subdomains Now Available

    Look even more professional—display multilingual subdomains for the translated versions of your site and improve your site's SEO by using the Multilingual app. Learn more
  • Wix Podcast Player: New Direct Link & RSS Feed Display Options

    Display your RSS feed and add a direct link so fans can add your podcast to their favorite podcast host, like Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.
    Here’s how: Go to your Podcast Player > Settings > Links > Choose your host
  • Wix Blog: New Analytics on the Wix Mobile App

    Get insights about your readers while you’re on the go—you can now view your blog analytics on the Wix Mobile App. Learn more
  • Wix Editor: New Translation Option for Pro Gallery

    You can now translate your Pro Gallery by using the Multilingual app. Learn more
  • Wix Blog: New Toggle Off Author Badge

    You can now choose to remove the Crown or Feather Badges for your blog admins and writers.
    Here’s how: Click on your Blog Post > Settings > Display > Author Name > Badge
  • Ascend by Wix: Email Marketing: Auto Compliance Now Available

    You can now quickly restore your email marketing access with the new automated compliance feature. Fill out a questionnaire that's automatically sent to you and get the solution you need to regain access.
  • Wix Editor: New Cut Out Feature

    Customize any of your images by cutting out and editing their backgrounds. Learn more
  • Wix Restaurants: Coupons Now Available

    Offer your customers a variety of discounts to encourage orders from your restaurant. Learn more