• Resolved: Unable to Distribute Music Using Wix Music

    Resolved: Unable to distribute music using Wix Music. Learn more
  • Resolved: Site Settings Temporarily Unavailable

    Resolved: Site settings not loading in the BM when clicking on the Manage Website tab.
  • Wix Restaurants

    Resolved: Temporary endless loading issue. 
  • Wix Blog

    Resolved: New Wix Blog not showing blog posts in Editor/live site.
  • Wix Editor

    Resolved: Can't edit site, getting login page instead. Learn More
  • Wix Editor

    Resolved: Site Publish Issues. Learn More
  • Wix Editor

    Resolved: Site Not Loading. Learn More
  • Wix Editor

    Resolved: You will no longer be directed to the Login Page when trying to edit your site.  Learn More
  • Wix Editor

    Resolved: The 'Back to Top' button is no longer hidden behind the 'Add Panel' in the Mobile Editor and on the Live Site. (19/12/2017)
  • Wix Editor

    Resolved: Editor now loads as it should after deleting a strip. (28/09/17)