• Wix Video: Expanded View Customization

    Customize the look of your expanded view, present video descriptions next to your videos, showcase other videos in the channel and more. Plus, when you add videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, Wix Video will automatically post your video descriptions, categories and tags - keeping content fresh on your site.
  • Wix Editor: New Fonts!

    Play around with 20 trendy fonts handpicked by our team of designers.
  • Introducing Wix Answers!

    We’re excited to tell you about Wix Answers. It's the platform we use to support over 120 million users in 8 languages. Wix Answers powers our help center, call center and entire ticketing system. Now you can use it to support your customers and business. Find Out More
  • Wix Editor: Pin Text On Your Site

    Now you can pin your text to a specific location on your site - top, bottom, left, right or center.
  • Wix Home: Get Live Updates on the Status of Your Domain

    Get live updates on the status of your domain.
  • Wix Editor: Vector Art

    Choose from 1000s of free vector art images to make your site stand out. Find out more
  • Wix Blog: Advanced Settings

    Get advanced settings for every blog post, including selecting your post date and adding SEO titles, descriptions and links.
  • Wix Video: Action Cards

    Get your visitors to take action - right from your videos. Add clickable action cards to videos to promote your products and services, grow your social following and so much more. Learn more
  • New Photography Templates!

  • App Market: New Instagram Feed App

    With the Instagram Feed App, you can share your Instagram photos and videos right on your website. You can also add links to your individual Instagram posts - sending visitors directly to your site! It’s a great way to attract new followers or to promote a product in your Wix Stores collection, for example. Learn More