• Wix Mobile App: Manage Member View from Your Desktop Dashboard

    Edit how members see your Mobile Place from your Dashboard. Customize your Place to engage with your members on the go. Learn more
  • Wix Mobile App: Now Supported on Tablets and iPads

    You can now manage your site with Wix Mobile App on a tablet or iPad. Learn more
  • Wix Stores: New Add to Cart Button in Gallery

    Let customers shop your products faster with an Add to Cart button in your Product Gallery. Learn more
  • Wix Forum: Image Expand Now Available

    You can now click on images and view them in expand mode. Check it out here.
  • Wix Editor: New Supported File Extensions

    New supported file types for images, audio, documents, video and archive have been added. Learn more
  • Wix Bookings: Let Staff Manage Bookings

    You can now assign roles to your staff members. Let them manage bookings from the Dashboard and the Wix Mobile App. Learn more
  • Wix Bookings: Limit Booking Window

    Set how far in advance and how close to a single session clients can make a booking. Learn more
  • Wix Router: HeadOptions Update

    The way you set HeadOptions in a WixRouterResponse has changed to conform to the same structure as setting the same data on regular pages using the wix-seo API. Learn more.
  • Wix Window: copyToClipboard

    You can now copy text to a site visitor's clipboard using the wix-window.copyToClipboard() function. Learn more
  • wix-search API

    With the new Search API you can create a customized search experience for your site visitors.  Create your own search bar and display results in editor elements. Filter your search by language or document type and control search result paging. Learn more