• Wix Stores: Email Subscription at Checkout

    Let customers subscribe to your mailing list at checkout.

    Here's how:
    Go to your dashboard > Settings > Store Settings > Enable the Subscription Checkbox
  • Wix Stores: Import and Export Products

    Using another platform for your online store? Now you can easily import your products and create your online store with Wix. Learn more

    Plus, you can also export your products to a CSV file. Find out how
  • Explore Your Marketing Home

    Explore all the marketing tools Wix offers. Grow your business, promote your website, drive traffic and more.

    Where to find it: Go to your dashboard > Marketing Tools > Marketing Home

    Your marketing home is part of Ascend by Wix, your all-in-one business solution.
  • Wix Videos: Decide What Happens When Your Video Ends

    Show your video cover, have the next video in your channel play or display an action card.

    Here's how:
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Click Player
    3. Scroll down to After Playing to decide what happens when the video ends 
  • Wix Editor: New Image Editor

    Edit your images with the Wix Photo Studio. Find out more
  • App Market: DeviantArt Feed

    Add a DeviantArt feed to your site. Find out more
  • Wix Editor: Transparent Videos

    Add transparent videos to your website. Find out how
  • Wix Editor: Change the Main Language with Wix Multilingual

    Using Wix Multilingual to translate your site to multiple languages? Now you can change the main language. Find out how
  • Wix Forum: Updated Post Toolbar

    Now when you create a forum post, you'll have the option to add an image, video and divider. Currently, you can no longer add emojis or galleries. Keep in mind, old posts with emojis will not be affected. Old posts with galleries will be displayed as a series of images. 
  • App Market: Wix File Share

    Create a place where your community can share files. Go to the App Market to add it to your site