Wix.com teams up with Marvel Studios' "Captain Marvel" for the launch of Wix Turbo

Wix Turbo is a platform-wide performance boost across all Wix websites

NEW YORK, Feb. 25, 2019 -- Wix.com Ltd. (NASDAQ:  WIX) today announced a platform-wide performance boost which will improve speed across Wix sites. With Wix Turbo, the platform has been supercharged to ensure Wix sites are faster than ever.

To help spread the news about the launch of Wix Turbo, Wix has teamed up with Marvel Studios' "Captain Marvel" for a creative collaboration featuring their first female Super Hero lead. Captain Marvel, one of the universe's most powerful heroes, represents the strength, speed, endurance and stamina required to go Higher, Further and Faster. Marvel Studios' "Captain Marvel" is in cinemas March 8, 2019.

Wix.com teams up with Marvel Studios' "Captain Marvel": https://youtu.be/6J6L2OWVZcs

"Wix is faster than ever before and we wanted that message to resonate around the world," said Omer Shai, CMO at Wix. "Who better than Captain Marvel to represent what we have achieved with Wix Turbo. This campaign captures the speed, strength and power that we infuse into our brand and our product. In our eyes, our customers are the real heroes and it is always our goal to give them the power and speed to succeed."

Wix Turbo is a collection of product enhancements that will change the way Wix websites perform and increase how quickly they load. This was achieved by developing proprietary technology which optimizes browser rendering time without compromising functionality or user experience.

Wix site visitors will see images and videos appear faster than ever, and all Wix sites will be optimized for accelerated JavaScript execution time and use the most recent CSS functionality, so sites look sharp and display pixel-perfect.  

Wix has also increased the data capacity and performance of its global infrastructure, so no matter where customers, or their site visitors, are in the world, Wix websites will be faster.

Over 147 million users around the world benefit from powerful, professional, beautiful - and fast - Wix websites to manage their businesses, share art, grow communities and build their brands.

Learn more about Wix Turbo here: https://www.wix.com/turbo/home

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