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Power your business with Wix Point of Sale

Accept in-person payments for your business anywhere. With our advanced point of sale solution, you can sell wherever you like—in store, at pop-ups, markets, events, sessions, the gym and more. 

Wix POS is currently available to users based in the U.S. and Canada who are connected to Wix Payments only. To receive payouts from Wix, complete your Wix Payments verification.

Happy customer in retail store with seller and Wix’s Complete Retail POS Package, showing customer checkout on screen.

No matter what you sell, our POS systems are tailored to fit your unique business needs.

Seller in retail store using Wix Retail POS system, lilac shirt product variant.

Wix POS for retail

Accept in-person payments in your brick-and-mortar store and on the go. Manage a unified product catalog, plus all sales, payments, analytics and more with our Wix Retail POS kits. Unbox your POS hardware and start selling immediately—our software’s pre-installed. To take your business on the road, simply get the Wix Mobile POS solution and go.

Helpful seller at spa reception checking out customer with Wix Mobile POS.

Wix POS for services

Take payments for bookings anywhere with Wix Mobile POS. Let your clients easily pay in person for sessions, appointments, classes and more. Your compact POS card reader safely accepts chip, contactless and magstripe card payments wherever you are. Together with our Wix Owner app (iOS and Android), you’re ready to sell straightaway.

Phone screen showing event ticket purchased using Wix Mobile POS.

Wix POS for events

Sell tickets at the door with our mobile POS solution. Speed up event lineups and make secure, contactless sales on the spot. Enable walk-ins to quickly buy their tickets right up until the last minute. Manage and track your online and in-person sales seamlessly from one place. 

How it works

Wix POS is currently available to users based in the U.S. and Canada who are connected to Wix Payments only.


Create your Wix Payments account

Set up your account to start accepting in-person payments. Make sure your business type is supported too.


Buy POS hardware

Purchase your Wix Point of Sale system from our POS Shop. Choose the hardware that suits your business best.


Set up your Wix POS

We’ll ship your POS hardware to you. Everything you need is built in, including our advanced Wix POS software. Simply unbox your POS system and plug it in.


Start selling

You’re now ready to accept in-person payments—just login to your Wix account on the POS tablet or Wix Owner app. Then, get verified by Wix Payments to receive payouts.

one provider for all

One provider for all sales

Streamline your online and in-person transactions with Wix Payments. Our native payment solution gives you a complete overview of all payments, payouts and analytics right from your dashboard. To receive payouts from Wix, complete your Wix Payments account verification.

red bag
Wix’s Complete Retail POS Package and the Wix Mobile POS solution.

POS for every business

Choose Wix POS hardware that works for your business. Our Wix Retail POS kits cover your sales both in store and on the go. Wix Mobile POS lets you accept in-person payments at events, pop-ups, classes, festivals, the gym and more. All our POS systems include built-in software, so simply log in to your Wix account or Wix Owner app and start selling.

Wix Mobile POS card reader accepting dip, tap, swipe credit card payments.

Let customers pick how they pay

Accept all major debit/credit cards (EMV and contactless), digital wallets and more with one compact, powerful device.


Take your customers' payments securely with EMV chip cards.


Accommodate customers who hold a traditional credit card.


Accept contactless payments via NFC credit cards, PayPass, Apple Pay and more.




How do I get started with Wix POS?

Wix POS is currently offered to U.S- and Canada-based Wix Payments Merchants who have brick-and-mortar businesses and/or sell on the go. Wix Payments Merchants who are using Wix Stores, Wix Bookings or Wix Events can select a POS system to sell in store and on the go. Once your hardware arrives, simply turn it on and you're ready to start selling right away.

Note, before you get started, make sure your business is supported by reviewing our list of Prohibited Products and Services.


Which POS system should I choose for my business?

This is entirely up to you, we offer versatile POS solutions for different business needs. To sell in your retail store, choose from The Complete Retail POS Package or the Retail POS Essentials kit, and add POS accessories as you go. The Wix Mobile POS kit allows you to accept payments wherever you like, whether you’re selling at events, markets, sessions, pop-ups, classes or more. All solutions include our advanced Wix POS software and Wix Owner app—simply create a point of sale system that fits your business best.


How can I order Wix POS hardware?

Once you’re connected to Wix Payments, visit our POS Shop directly or from your Wix dashboard (U.S. and Canada users only) to find a suitable POS system for your business. When we get your order, we’ll ship your hardware and send you a tracking number.

For more info on Wix POS hardware, book a call with a Wix POS Expert.


Can I use any POS hardware with Wix POS?

Currently, only devices listed in our Wix Point of Sale Shop are supported.


Which provider processes payments for Wix POS?

Wix Point of Sale is supported by our own payment provider, Wix Payments, so you get to enjoy all the perks of a native payment solution. At checkout, you can accept all leading debit/credit cards (including chip, classic magstripe and contactless NFC cards), plus digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay and more.


What do I need to pay for when I purchase a Wix POS system?

First, you’ll pay for Wix POS hardware you order. All our POS kits have Wix POS software built in, meaning you won’t be charged any additional fees for software. To accept payments on Wix, you need to get a Wix Business Premium plan, so if you haven’t already purchased one, choose the plan that fits you most. Once you start taking payments in person, you’ll pay a fixed processing fee of 2.6% per transaction + 0 USD. Bonus: You don’t get charged extra fees for refunds.


What else do I need to know about setting up Wix POS?

Learn more about connecting Wix Payments for your Wix POS solution here.

Want to learn more?

Go to the Wix POS Help Center.

Accept secure in-person payments with our powerful POS solution.

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