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Mentor Spotlight with Saleena Aggarwal

On research as a design approach; embracing feedback as a companion on the creative journey; and trusting the rhythm of life as it unfolds

Your name and team you belong to.

Saleena Aggarwal, Blog and Social Team.

Tell us about your work. What is your current position?

I'm a Senior Designer focused on Wix's social and blog visual language. My role involves creating style guides that capture the essence of Wix for our audience. It's all about ensuring our design communicates effectively and authentically.

What are the top traits that make you good at what you do?

I've got a knack for blending wide-ranging exploration with focused refinement, all wrapped up in an organized and thoughtful process. Research isn't just a task for me; it's a key pillar of my design approach that I've sharpened into a skill over time.

Blog covers

How do you deal with challenges in your creative process?

We all hit creative roadblocks, don't we? When that happens, I find my way back through research and inspiration. I select a couple of standout inspirations, dissect what makes them tick, and then blend those winning concepts with elements from previous explorations. It's like a creative puzzle that starts coming together organically.

What’s the best way to handle receiving negative feedback?

Dealing with negative feedback is really about adjusting your mindset. I've come to see feedback as a companion on my creative journey. It's always there, so I've learned to make room for it without letting it bring me down. When I receive criticism, I put on a sort of "detached hat" and view it as a chance to team up and improve my work. This way, feedback becomes this really helpful tool for making things better.

Social post

Share something that inspires you that has nothing to do with design?

Nature has a profound impact on me. Stepping into its serene embrace offers me the freedom to experience and simply exist. Nature inspires me to embrace a meaningful life, embody kindness, and appreciate the intricate beauty that surrounds us all.

What's the best advice you've received - design related or not?

One of the most treasured nuggets of wisdom I've been given is that life has a remarkable way of finding its own rhythm. You don't need to have every detail mapped out. This relates to design too. You don’t need to have all the answers right away. Enjoy the process of exploration. Trust in yourself, keep moving forward, and embrace the infinite opportunities that lie ahead.

Blog cover

What would you do if you weren’t a designer?

Occasionally, my mind wanders into this realm. I often find myself envisioning a path in wildlife photography. Yet, whether through the lens or through design, my drive to seek inspiration has remained unwavering.

Typography research

Tell us something about the projects you’ve shared and we’re seeing here

Blog Cover:

These blog covers emerged as part of our monthly Blog Marathon, a dynamic week-long endeavor where we generate designs for the Wix blog. There was a time I used to feel the weight of the clock ticking while striving to craft something aesthetically pleasing that aligned with the brief. Over time, experimentation led me to establish my own unique approach and rhythm.

Social Carousel: The "Safer Space" carousel came to life in honor of Pride Month 2023. This piece was a collaborative effort with other team members. It was quite a journey to navigate the intricate process of developing a distinctive visual language that resonated with the moment while maintaining a sense of relevance and respect.

Type Research:

I undertook a lengthy expedition, delving into the depths of the internet to unearth typography trends that resonated with our brand. What truly amazed me was the impact that global events and the shared human experience had on typography. Though the initial goal was to refine our typography library in line with contemporary trends, the outcome turned out to be immensely intricate and eye-opening.

Thank you Saleena!



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