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Interaction Room



Wix Playground

235 W 23rd St., NYC 8th floor

April 30th, 6:30 PM

Exploring Creative Interactions

Join us for a unique opportunity to engage and connect with art installations created by Raphaël Pluvinage, Marion Pinaffo, Louise Foo, Martha Skou, Computer_Craphics, Inc. and Yasaman Sheri. Explore creative interactions in design and delve into the concept of how we generate connections to our environment through sound, color, texture and technology. Afterwards, join our panel discussion about the future of interactivity.

Pinaffo Pluvinage

Marion Pinaffo and Raphaël Pluvinage graduated from ENSCI-Les Ateliers in Paris in 2015 and have been working together since. For the last four years, they’ve been observing, manipulating and experimenting with the technology that surrounds us. They conceptualize and create objects, systems and simple procedures for visualizing complex, concealed realities. Their work has been exhibited at Centre Pompidou, Musée des Arts Décoratifs of Paris, and Triennale di Milano and more.


Danish-born collaborative duo FOO/SKOU (Louise Foo and Martha Skou) work with smartphone technology, physical computing, graphics, printmaking, textiles and sculpture to explore the possibilities of composing, creating and experiencing sound in the digital age. FOO/SKOU have exhibited at The Museum of Arts and Design and Pioneer Works Center for Art + Innovation amongst others. 

Yasaman Sheri

Yasaman Sheri focuses on interactions of sense  and perception. For the past five years, she has led design interactions at Microsoft Hololens Operating System where she designs interfaces using gesture, machine vision and spatial interactions. She has also designed for companies including Toyota, Google (X), Mozilla XR and Nordic Food Lab. She teaches Sensory Design at the The Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and is a frequent visiting lecturer at ArtCenter College of Design, Columbia GSAPP, Cooper Union, Umeå, ZHDK and Stanford University.

Computer_Craphics, Inc.

Computer_Craphics, Inc. is a multidisciplinary animation studio based in Brooklyn, New York. Since 2017, they've been creating experimental 3D and 2D animations for some of the most reputable tech clients around the world. C_C also blurs boundaries between technology and art through their unique AR and VR experiences. They’ve teamed up with programmer and designer Andrey Keske and sound producer Ma Sha to create an interactive audiovisual experience for Wix Playground.

Alida Borgna & Gabrielle Badawy

Alida and Gabrielle have been collaborating for over two years under the name “Yaya”, the Greek word for “grandma”. Together, the duo seek to create a more mindful community atmosphere through inclusive feasts that are a departure from the frenzied New York restaurant scene. Using sustainable ingredients from local markets, the pair rely on their deep knowledge of diverse global traditions to give city dwellers of all walks of life a the “unmistakable grandma spirit” when they dine. Their monthly gatherings create a cozy and memorable dining experience with food that is prepared with care and connection.



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Wix Playground
235 W 23rd St., NYC, 8th floor


6:30 PM - Interactive Exhibition

7:30 PM - Panel Discussion

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