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Academy Europe

January 2021

Join a highly talented group of international designers and get mentored by award-winning creatives while you develop your professional experience. Sharpen your design skills, create your online portfolio and grow your network in an exclusive 1-month program. 

January 4–29, 2021


Gain practical skills and stand out in a competitive industry: 

  • Get personal mentorship from industry leaders & Wix

  • Participate in workshops led by top designers

  • Meet designers from all over Europe

  • Be part of an interactive and collaborative experience

  • Develop a standout personal portfolio

Defne Kaynak neon 02.jpg

Get multidisciplinary web experience. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  •  Advanced web design

  •  Editor X and responsive design

  •  Code for designers

  •  Visual design

  •  Inspiration research

  •  Animation

Submit your portfolio for a chance to enhance your professional experience.

For US Summer Program apply here

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