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How to build the right Martech stack for your clients

Updated: Feb 16

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Just seven years ago, 47% of U.S. marketers ranked creativity as the #1 factor for driving marketing strategy. Sorry Don Draper, but eCommerce has flipped that script. By 2022, 56% of marketers say technology and creativity will play equal roles in driving their strategy; and 30% rank technology first.

Marketing technology, aka “Martech,” is the largest slice of today’s marketing budgets (29% on average according to Gartner). With nearly 7,000 businesses offering Martech solutions, deciding which tools will drive your client’s marketing strategy is critical to success.

But first, what is a Martech stack and why does it matter?

Simply put, a Martech stack is a collection of technologies that marketers use to carry out their marketing strategy. Choosing the right tools and organizing them into a logical flow can actually multiply the value of each individual tool.

As website designers, developers and marketers, you can help clients make the right Martech decisions and stack those tools in an integrated solution that enables them to execute, analyze and improve their marketing strategy.

The right Martech stack can help them achieve new levels of effectiveness by improving staff collaboration, measuring the impact of marketing activities, driving more efficient marketing spend and reaching customers in new ways.

The 3 types of Martech tools that belong in your client’s stack

While there’s no one-size-fits-all Martech stack for businesses, the necessary tools fall into three key general categories:

· Tools to drive traffic