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How Special—Offer challenges the design status quo

Updated: Jan 31

Bold Creators: Special—Offer

“I saw a real lack of emotion and energy within the design community—everything was so basic, minimal, precious. I wanted to create something that was the antithesis of that.”

Meet Special—Offer, a global creative studio focused on design, development and digital output. The studio partners with culturally motivated clients within the art, fashion and music landscapes—bringing to life new digital ecosystems that showcase the breadth of content within a client’s portfolio. As a team of 4, they operate collaboratively across Los Angeles and New York. In addition to commercial work, Special—Offer initiates and produces independent curatorial, digital and print publishing projects.

From conception to execution, Special—Offer considers the visceral factors that contribute to the user experience when interacting, shopping or otherwise engaging within a branded digital environment. Since the beginning, the studio’s mission has been challenging the status quo of the design world. Their team creates projects that capture the imperfections of reality and brings them to life in great detail.

We caught up with Brent David Freaney, Special—Offer’s Principal and Managing Director, to talk about their inspiration and strategy for creating interactive design experiences.

Brent David Freaney, Principal and Managing Director of Special—Offer.
Brent David Freaney, Managing Director of Special—Offer