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[Free Webinar] Make micro-moments matter: Optimize your client sites for this critical behavior

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

A video player showing a soap online store

Today’s online consumer journey is a brand new ballgame. The traditional straightforward single-platform experience has given way to a faster and more fragmented journey. Google calls these fragmented parts, “micro-moments.”

What is a Micro-Moment?

A micro-moment is the instant someone turns to a device to act on a need–to learn, do, discover, watch or buy something.

Right now a company’s best route to success is handling those needs as quickly and effectively as possible. The good news is, we’re here to help with our webinar, “Make Micro-Moments Matter: Optimize Your Site for this Critical Behavior.”

In this webinar, co-hosted by Maya Weinstock, Director of Product Marketing at Wix, and Chris Ryan, Head of Agency Relations you’ll learn how to build client sites in a way that maximizes these critical micro-moments—using real life examples.

In less than an hour, this webinar takes you through 7 essential and easy-to-follow steps for optimizing your client sites:

1. Create a Site Structure That Answers Consumers’ Questions

Learn how to anticipate exactly what consumers are looking for when visiting a site.

2. Diversify Media Content

Explore the reasons and the ways to use different content types.

3. Be Where Consumers Search

Understand how to approach SEO and make the process work for your clients.

4. Offer Custom User Experiences

Be human and guide users through a thoughtful site experience.

5. Engage Users in Real Time

Remember to utilize all the tools that allow clients to connect directly with customers.

6. Streamline the User Funnel

Map out the clear steps that enable clients to achieve their specific goals.

7. Measure the Impact

Assess clients’ data—on a continuous basis, and with all-new tools.

By paying close attention to the map laid out by these two Wix veterans, you’ll position your clients to go from winning clicks to forging real connections. Because, yes, it is time to seize the (micro) moment.

This webinar has already aired on AdWeek, you can watch the recording here.

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