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[Free webinar] 7 ways to increase productivity in your digital agency

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

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Right now your agency is losing 20-30%* in revenue every year, because of a lack of productivity. You’re not alone. Most agencies list “lack of productivity” as their biggest

pain point, second to “lead generation.”

Winning the productivity game

Agencies are always looking for ways to maximize their time and resources. The tricky part is finding the right method for your agency, since every team is different, and the end process is less clearly defined.

The good news is, you can solve this pain point in 2020. In this webinar, unlock the key to your agency’s success and learn how to maximize your productivity, so you drive growth, meet deadlines faster and increase revenue.

Co-hosting this webinar is CIS Agency Manager and Founder, Carlos Valladares, and Chris Ryan, Head of Agency Relations at Wix Partners. Valladares brings considerable experience from the field, having scaled his agency from 3-4 employees and 50 clients to 18 employees and hundreds of clients. While Chris Ryan has over 10 years of experience leading account management teams and strategizing opportunities of growth for agencies across the United States.

In this 1-hour webinar, you’ll learn 7 practical steps for optimizing your workflow, resource management and client relationships with personal examples and tactics from Carlos’s own experience including:

1. How to understand your team’s pain points

Assess your agency’s entire process, and zero in on the places it can work better.

2. Standardizing your work process

Devise systems and methods that you can use on every project.

3. Integrating tools with your main platform

Embrace the many effective tools now available, and ensure a seamless fit among them.

4. Thinking of your team as a value chain

Sync your various departments into an organized whole.

5. Treating your remote employees as locals

Encourage your off-site staffers to feel like they’re key parts of the team.

6. Leading your client from start to finish

Take charge of the process for your clients, always keeping them engaged and committed.

7. Simplifying client communication

Generate faster and more efficient ways of communicating throughout the process.

Beyond these seven steps, you’ll have a handy blueprint for boosting your own “growth engine” and scaling your agency.

This webinar has already aired on ClickZ, you can watch the recording here.

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