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Empower your clients to sell online with these 2020 product releases

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Example of a glasses company’s website and 1 of their social media posts.

By 2021, the number of online shoppers is expected to reach 2.14 billion, almost a 50% increase since 2016. These numbers will only continue to grow, as more shoppers move their consumption online—are your clients ready?

It’s time to start offering eCommerce solutions as a service offering and adapting your clients’ strategy for the new online demand. Get ahead of the game and help your clients sell online with these new products and features from Wix Stores.


Expand your client’s inventory with dropshipping. Your clients can source from millions of high-quality products, set pricing and shipping rules and make quick updates. No inventory. No shipping. Hassle-free fulfillment.

Dropshipping with Modalyst

Connect your clients’ sites to Modalyst’s professional dropshipping platform. Clients can find and A/B test products and sell to their target audience.

Print on Demand with Printful and Printify

Add a print on demand dropshipping service to your client sites. Your clients can sell custom-designed products including clothing, accessories, mugs and more. They can ship it directly to their customers without worrying about inventory or managing fulfillment.

Storefront and Catalog

Design branded storefronts for your clients, including galleries, advanced SEO and product catalogs.

Buy Now button

Cut the steps in the buying process with a “Buy Now” button on product pages that send customers directly to the purchase page.

Add to Cart Gallery

Use custom code to let customers add products to their cart right from the product gallery. This creates a quick and convenient shopping experience for your clients’ customers.

Multi-Currency Converter (coming soon)

Give customers the option to convert prices to their local currency, wherever they are in the world.

Related Products Gallery

Boost your client’s sales with related products displayed on each page. This will help boost sales and bring more visibility to similar products.


Make it possible for visitors to save their favorite products in a wishlist while shopping. Whenever customers return, they can review their wishlist and purchase any saved items.

Import Products

Migrate your clients’ store from another platform to Wix with ease. Quickly import products, so you can add your client’s entire product catalog at once, or make bulk updates with a CSV file.

SEO Patterns

Save time and apply the same SEO strategy across multiple pages at once with advanced SEO Patterns. Instead of editing individual page settings, customize the pattern that applies.


Launch your clients’ store to an international audience. With multilingual, you can translate your clients’ content into more than 80 languages, so visitors can select the language that suits them best.

Custom shopping experience

Tell your clients’ brand story through a custom shopping and checkout experience.

“Add to Cart” settings

Create a thoughtful shopping experience on your client sites. Customize how the Shopping Cart Icon behaves when a customer interacts with it: Open their Mini Cart, go to the Cart page or stay on the product page.

Add Custom Fields

Collect customer information for your clients with custom fields that gather VAT ID numbers, location name, Tax ID numbers and more.

Automated Emails

Automate your clients’ sales funnel with custom automated emails triggered by abandoned carts, order confirmations and more. Include dynamic values for a more personalized experience.

Taxes and finances

Store taxes can get complicated. In many regions, merchants are only required to collect taxes from their own country, or their local state or province. Help your clients manage their finances with automated sales tax calculation at checkout.

Automated taxes with Avalara

Set up automated tax collection with Avalara. Avalara is an automated tax software program that provides your clients with tax rates in real-time for transactions across the US, the EU, and around the world.

Tax Groups for Products with Avalara

Set up separate tax groups for your clients different product categories. All automated rates are provided by Avalara.

QuickBooks Integration

Integrate your client accounts with QuickBooks to help them manage their store’s finances with customized reports and insights.

Multichannel sales

Showcase your client’s products on social media and drive traffic to their online store with multichannel sales.

Facebook Shop

Connect your client’s Facebook business page and automatically sync their product catalog, inventory and sales. Customers can browse products on their Facebook Shop then click through to complete checkout.

Instagram Integration

Integrate your client’s Instagram account with Facebook Shop and tag products to create shoppable posts. Potential shoppers can tap your client’s photos for more info and buy from their store.

eBay and Amazon Shop (coming soon)

Boost your client’s sales by showcasing their products on eBay and Amazon. Clients can list, sell and manage all of their products in one catalog and fulfill orders directly from their site dashboard.

Marketing tools

Optimize your client sites and boost their sales with built-in marketing tools. Clients can recover up to 11% of their sales with abandoned cart automations and increase sales with Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads by Wix

Boost your client’s sales with dynamic ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Keep track of your ad’s progress right from your clients’ Wix account or the Wix mobile app.

Video Maker

Grab visitors’ attention with engaging videos. Create professional video content to showcase products, promote their business and anticipate customer questions.

Abandoned Cart Automations

Create and customize abandoned cart emails to encourage repeat visits on your client sites.Track the status of abandoned carts and see how your automations are performing.

Sales Pop

Drive conversions with the power of social proof. Build trust and urgency with notifications about what other customers bought or added to their carts with Sales Pop.

Kudobuzz Reviews

Your clients can collect and showcase high-quality customer reviews, ratings and photos on their sites. Create a custom branded experience with Kudobuzz Reviews so your clients’ widgets and emails match their logo and colors.

Order management and shipping

Your clients can manage, ship and track all of their online orders from their dashboard.

Print shipping labels

Wix Stores offers in-house and 3rd-party label solutions, so your clients can print shipping labels from home. Tracking numbers and package statuses will automatically update for accurate shipping.

Tracking numbers for split orders

Do your clients have orders that are too big for 1 shipment? With Wix Stores, they can split large-sized orders into multiple shipments with separate tracking numbers.

Cancel and refund orders

Your clients may want to cancel or refund their orders for a number of reasons. With Wix Stores, they can cancel or refund orders, update their inventory and notify customers all from the same place.

Printing orders and packing slips

Your clients can print a packing slip that they can include in orders or print an order to help track sale information. Packing slips display the order number, shipping and billing addresses, the products purchased, as well as your client’s store policies.

Sales analytics

Track your client’s online store performance with store analytics. Review site traffic, monthly revenue, top products and their conversion funnel to better optimize your marketing efforts.

Wix Mobile app

Integrate the Wix mobile app on your client’s tablet or phone, so they can manage their store on the go, including duplicate product details, track orders and communicate with customers.

Looking for more ways to grow your clients’ online store? Check out these Help your clients rank higher with Wix advanced SEO panel.

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See how your agency can grow with Wix

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Stay ahead. Subscribe for industry insights

I’ve read the Wix Privacy Policy and agree to receive email from the Partner Blog and Partner Team



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I’ve read the Wix Privacy Policy and agree to receive email from the Partner Blog and Partner Team



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